Smart Phones May Not Display Videos With Old YT Embed Code

Just a few days ago I’ve noticed that the latest video which I had uploaded to YouTube and later embedded on my blog wasn’t being displayed on my smart phone. All other videos embedded on my blog were displaying normally at the same time as the newest one was not. Weird.

I suspected that something was wrong with the code, perhaps I made a mistake in copying and pasting it. So I did it again just to make sure the mistake was not mine. But the same result occurred.

The video was displaying in all browsers on desk top computers but not in smart phones.

I started suspecting that perhaps it was the old embed code which I have been using until then with no ill effect. But why would all other videos on my blog display normally, they too were embedded using the old embed code and the latest embedded video would not?

The answer to that question can only be guessed, projected and theorized. Maybe YouTube and Google know but they aren’t talking to anyone.

The fact is that when I replaced the embed code of the latest video from the old one to the new, the video was being displayed on smart phones.

If you are embedding YouTube videos on your blog or your website and have been using the old embed code out of habit or because you thought that it was better, perhaps it’s time to switch to using the new embed code for you too if you want to be sure that your videos will be displayed on mobile devices.

While my story above may not seem to make sense, it is a true story. Reality is often stranger than fiction. Why all the videos but one would display in smart phones using the same type of code is a mystery.

I will now embed the same video, using the new embed code and then the old embed code.

If, for some reason, both videos will display on smart phones then the mystery will deepen and I may then delete one of them and write below what happened.

The video shows Greek food at a Greek Cypriot restaurant in Richmond BC:

Video embedded with new YouTube embed code:

Same video as above embedded with old YouTube embed code:

The second video using the old YouTube embed code is indeed not showing on my smart phone. Is it showing on yours?

Update: August 31 and September 01, 2013: I have now confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt that the videos that had been uploaded prior to a couple of weeks ago and embedded with the old YouTube embed code are displayed on smart phones. However, any more recently uploaded videos that were embedded with the use of the old embed code are not displaying on smart phones.

Somebody pointed out to me that the old embed code means that the videos are flash videos and that flash videos don’t display on iPhones, for example. But the fact is that the YouTube videos embedded with the old embed code until recently are displayed on smart phones such as the iPhone and they are flash videos too.

But recently uploaded videos embedded with the old embed code aren’t, such as the second video in this post. Just check it out on your smart phone.

Please leave a comment. Maybe you never dreamed of using the old embed code and you think I was crazy for using it. Maybe you have been using the old embed code and have never realized a video may not be displayed in mobile phone. Let me know.

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Authored by Vance Sova

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