If you have been thinking about email list building and visited some list building blogs in order to learn how to build your email list, you may have come across some posts about Online Giveaways.

There is a post on Online Giveaways which I wrote some months ago on this blog which is fast becoming to be known as the list building blog.

The post is about what giveaways are and what one needs to participate in them as a contributor which is a good way to build your list.

I highly recommend that you read the post Email List Building, Online Giveaways.

If you are like me then you have probably been intrigued and a bit unclear as to what online giveaways really are and how using them could advance your list building efforts even after reading a number of good list building blogs and articles on the subject.

Generally the best way to understand something fully is to get closely involved with it.

It is very likely that unless you participate in a good giveaway there will always be some doubt about them in your mind.

There is a tremendous giveaway taking place right now which you can take a close look at from the inside.

By participating in an online giveaway as a member first you can get a good understanding of how giveaways are presented.

While doing that you can find some incredibly helpful products that are free and ready to be downloaded right away.

After taking a closer look at a good and well presented online giveaway such as the current Original Products Giveaway you’ll be better prepared for using online giveaways to build your list as a contributor.

If you haven’t read my post where I describe what the contributor to an online giveaway needs to have please click on online giveaway contributor needs.

I hope that this will help you to take the plunge very soon and that you’ll start building your list using online giveaways.

If you haven’t yet followed the link to the current giveaway which will go on only till July 15, 2010 please do so here.

There are over 500 contributors and just to see what is on offer and how it is presented will be well worth it.

Your comment on this post is needed and appreciated. Have you participated in any online giveaway yet? Did you have a look at the one suggested here?

Are you going to use online giveaways as a way to build your email list?

Please tweet and bookmark the post for others to have a chance to find it now and to share their views.


Authored by Vance Sova

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